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Will The Arctic Monkeys Be Singing John Lewis Christmas Advert Song?

Data analysis by Voucher Cloud has found that the Arctic Monkeys are one of the 21 British bands most likely to be covered in this year’s John Lewis advert which will be released on 4th November.

Further analysis also revealed the 17 solo singers most likely to sing the song for the anticipated advert. We spoke to VoucherCloud and asked them a few questions about the data they had collected:

How did you gather this data?

We manually reviewed the adverts for the last seven years, making note of the song that was covered and the artist. From here we noticed a few patterns which started to give us an indicator of who it could be this year. We then took these pattens and pulled data from Album of the Year and Last.fm. We gathered a list of over 18,000 albums released between 2014 and 2016, filtered to only include female indie singers, then finally looked at whether they had a debut album in 2014, 2015 or 2016. This left us with 17 female singers.

How do you think John Lewis picks the music for its Christmas advert?

It’s obviously hard to say but from our research, they seem to have gotten into a pattern and know what works for them. So I’d imagine that they look back at previous ads, gauge reaction from the public on the music and artist, then use that to inform the decision for this year. I think a lot will also come down to the content of the advert too and obviously the music needs to fit with the story they’re telling.

If you could place a bet of which song and which singer will do the song for the advert who would you choos?

My personal view is that it’s likely to be Shura singing the song. The song itself is more tricky but I’d guess that it will be one by The Police.

You can view the data by Voucher Cloud below:

You can view the full data here

Which band do you think will have its song covered by John Lewis and by which singer for its Christmas advert? Comment below and let us know or share using the social media icons below.

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