Will Wagner’s Album Dance into your Christmas Stocking?

wagner to release Christmas albumX-Factor legend Wagner is reportedly planning to release an album in time for Christmas but don’t expect to listen to his sultry(?) tones singing ‘O Holy Night’ as the 58 year old is expected to release a dance album.

He also plans to release his first single which will also be dance themed – what do you think¬† the chances are of Wagner making a surprise performance (especially for Simon!) on this autumn’s live x-factor shows?¬† Personally, I think it may well be on the cards, even if it’s only to annoy Mr Cowell.

Wagner, who appeared on the 2010 series of X-Factor, attracted the protest vote and much to Simon Cowell‘s disgust,made it all the way to the competitions top ten before being eliminated.

Will Wagner’s album and single be top of your 2014 Christmas wish list?

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