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Will you be Christmas shopping on November 26th.

Will you be one of the frenzy of shoppers who try to get the Christmas shopping started and possibly finished on November 26th?

Retailers believe that Monday 26th November will be one of the busiest days of the whole year as Christmas shopping begins in earnest.

It’s expected that this year many more parents will do their entire Christmas toy shopping online. Will you hit the shops or will you along with countless others, shop online?

It’s not always easy to get out to the shops, and when you get there you can only carry so much around with you, before having to head back home.

Online shopping makes things a whole lot easier.

You can visit your favourite store with a coffee in your hand and your comfy slippers on your feet.  In an instant you know that the ‘must have’ toy is in stock and you can surf around for the cheapest price.

Once you’ve got everyone covered, it’s time to relax and wait for the delivery guy to bring it to your door – no stress, no problems, no crowds, no ‘sorry we’ve just sold the last one’.

So as you start your Christmas shopping, possibly earlier than you usually do, what will you choose? Will it be the comfort of online shopping or do you prefer the atmosphere of visiting the stores?

Figures show that children here in the UK receive on average 11 toys each, while in Ireland that figure drops to 6.

If you intend to crack the full shop then that could be a lot of presents you’ll have to carry around.

Is November 26th the day that you will choose to get the Christmas shopping done or is it still a little to early for you?

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