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Will you be eligible for a tax break?

Married Couples to get tax breaks before the next general election?

David Gauke – Treasury Minister has promised to provide help for married couple’s in the tax system by providing them with tax breaks or up to £150 before 2015.

After George Osbourne’s Spending Review suggested that no support would be given to any married couples or stay at home mothers, David Gauke stated he was firmly committed in providing support.

Other Conservative MP’s are urging David Cameron to reveal when these tax breaks would come into effect to try and help prevent any more backbench backlash.

What will these tax breaks be? According to reports husbands and wives who are not employed will be able to transfer part of their tax free allowance to their partner – do you think this is fair?

Do you think Liberal Democrats will abstain? Will you be entitled to a tax break? Comment using our comments box below.

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