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Will You BuySellorHold With This Stock Market Board Game?

Have you ever fancied trying your hand on the Stock Market? Will you be the wheeling and dealing expert who breaks the bank or will you make a wrong move and lose the lot? Find out with the new family board game BuySellorHold this Christmas which we were kindly sent to review.

Before you decide to give it a try why not test your skills against others with BuySellorHold, a new board game that helps players learn about the Stock Market.

BuySellorHold is the closest you’ll get to playing the real Stock Market and combines all the fun of Monopoly with the skills of both chess and backgammmon.

Suitable for age 14 and over this would make a great after Christmas dinner game. Will you hold your nerve as share prices move after Government announces,will lady luck sit on your shoulder as the throw of of a dice can change all players share prices?

With three game options to choose from BuySellorHold is designed for players with no knowledge about the Stock Market to those who are experts.  Elaine from our team played this and said not only did it get her pulse racing but her mind too, she also wished she could make the same money on the real stock market!

After playing the game at UnderTheChristmasTree HQ we were very surprised at how much we had actually learned about the stock market, with so much “jargon” keeping up was exciting. The only disappointment of the game? – Holly won (her  portfolio was worth the most) and she definitely didn’t let us forget!

This unique, interactive game is the most exciting game of strategy and would make a wonderful gift for family, friends or work colleagues over the Christmas period.

Fore more information please visit: https://buysellorhold.co.uk/

Will you Buy Sell or Hold this Chistmas?  Let us know your thoughts below.

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