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Will you have Happy Feet this Christmas?

Since you were a tiny tot you’ve been putting pressure on your feet and always expect them to take on any challenge you see fit.

From walking the children to school, jumping over a puddle, running the London marathon or strutting your stuff in 5 inch heels, we expect an awful lot from them.

Did you know that feet were not designed to be enclosed in shoes? Or that ¼ of the bones in our body are from your ankle down?

It’s little wonder that our feet are so dexterous – in fact just as agile as our hands.

Give your feet some time off before Christmas and incorporate some time every day when you go barefoot.  Not only will your feet love you for it but by doing so you will also reactivate parts of your brain.

We expect an awful lot from them, especially over the Christmas period – so treat them kindly, keep them cool with some cooling peppermint foot cream after a hard day.

Regularly trim your toe nails using a pair of clippers as opposed to scissors to ensure a cleaner cut.

Begin with the big toe, cut your nails straight across so they are square-shaped and not curved at the edges as rounding them off may cause ingrown toe nails.
Your nails protect the ends of your toes so don’t cut them too short.  Use a nail file to gently smooth the roughened edges.

At some time or another we have all suffered from sore or aching feet – often brought on by our footwear.

However there are various foot problems that can make standing, walking, running, working etc., extremely uncomfortable.

One of the first things to look at is the kind of footwear we use on a daily basis.

There’s unlikely to be much damage done to our feet by slipping on a pair of heels for a night out but balancing on narrow heels as we force our feet in to pointed toe shoes is bad for your feet and extremely uncomfortable.

Over the Christmas period our poor feet are going to be put under lots of  pressure, whether it’s from running around trying to complete our Christmas shopping or spending more than the usual amount of time wearing dress (usually higher than normal heels) for prolonged period of time.

Treat your feet with the same tender loving care you give to other parts of your body – make sure they get pampered  and moisturised regularly.

There are many home treatments available for the treatment of foot problems which you will be able to find at your local chemist.

However if pain continues then it would be advisable to visit your local chiropodist, podiatrist or doctor for more detailed help and treatment.

Are you mean to your tootsie’s?  Get in touch with your footcare tips below.

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