Will YOU spend £10,000 on toys?

Do you feel under pressure to make sure your children have all the latest toy accessories?

Would you feel that you were not a good enough parent if you couldn’t afford the latest craze?

Did you know that parents are spending more than £10,000 on toys for each of their children before they turn 18?

A new study shows that one in six parents feel under pressure to ensure that their kids have all the latest toys despite the fact that this has increased their money worries.

It is the latest trend for must have toys including mini tablets, children’s mobile phones and toddler sized motor cars that is fuelling the increase.

Neuro-developmental education consultant, Sally Goddard Blythe, said “Children develop their imagination and creativity quite often as a result of boredom. Clever marketing tactics and consumer culture have led to parents being seduced into thinking that the more they provide for their children in terms of material, electrical goods, the better parents they are.”

The report, which was commissioned by makers of Ribena Plus, found that of the 2,000 parents they questioned 71% thought that their own ‘simpler’ childhoods were more fun.

Verity Clifton, brand director at Ribena said “A key finding from the report is that parents are being pressured to spend increasing amounts of money on their kids. But our research shows that kids are happiest using their imaginations – which is the best toy of all

Do you feel under pressure to ensure your children have the latest ‘must have’ gadget?

Are children much happier creating their own games and using their imagination while playing with friends?

Were you shocked when you tallied up just how much you have spent on toys for your children?

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