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Winnie The Pooh Hungry Dancing Pooh

Entertain your little one throughout the day with Tomy’s Hungry Dancing Winnie the Pooh, we were kindly sent this to review and which features:

  • Dances along
  • Plays musical statues
  • 12 inch plush
  • Suitable for age 10mths – 3 years
  • RRP £30

Winnie the Pooh must be everyone’s favourite Disney character and many of us have grown up with him, so the team were super excited when he was delivered to our offices.

Standing around 12 inches high, this plush version of Winnie will help keep tots as young as 10 months entertained throughout the day, as they dance and wiggle along to the “Up Down and Touch the Ground” song.

Unlike many Pooh bears, Dancing Winnie, really does resemble the Disney version that kids see on TV, making it all the easier for them to relate too. Don’t be surprised if your little one is a bit unsure when you first turn him on, if you jump up and wiggle and giggle as Pooh sings, your little one will quickly join in. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they’ll learn the words and start to sing along with their new friend.

Children have loads of energy that needs to be burned off and wiggling along with Winnie helps encourage activity and all the while they’re learning as they copy actions and song words while having fun.

Do you remember playing musical statues when you were little? I certainly do, and the fun we all had as we failed to hold our pose. Winnie likes to play this game too and if you squeeze his right hand he’ll start to play, your children will have just as much fun as you did, way back when. Why not kick your shoes off and join in? You’ll end up laughing more than your little one. Better still, invite a few friends and their children and get everyone involved.

Although Pooh’s head is lovely and soft, this isn’t a toy for taking to bed at night, due to the dancing mechanism inside his body he’s really quite hard. Has Pooh been cutting down on his honey intake lately? He certainly seems to have lost a bit of his round tummy.

This is a great toy for young children and as he’s so sturdy he doesn’t fall over easily. Four AA batteries come along with him but I would recommend that you get some spares – this toy will be used again and again. You’ll soon be singing ‘that song’ in your sleep.

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Do you have a Winnie the Pooh fan that loves dancing along with their favourite character? Get in touch below and tell us what they love best.

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