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Wordsearch Junior Board Game

Fun and educational the new Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park will help your child learn while having bags of fun.  We were kindly sent this to review.

  • Table top ‘turntable’ wheelbase
  • 9 double sided puzzle discs (3 levels)
  • Coloured marking chips
  • Instructions
  • Suitable for age 4+

What a great way for parents to help their children with recognition and their spelling,  how I wish this board game had been on the market when I was little, it may well have saved over use of spell checker!

Suitable for ages 4 and over, even younger toddlers and preschool kids  (with a little help) could join in the word search fun.

This toy helps teach spelling and recognition by taking children through 3 easy wordsearch stages.  Inside the box you will find 3 different learning puzzle levels, which are all fun and easy to play.

Blue for finding picture patterns this encourages young players to find rows of simple items like strawberries or apples and when they do find a row they cover it with their coloured see-through markers to score.


Red for finding words with picture hints, this is the next level up and this time players must find a picture with the word (say CAT) spelled in a row beside it, this is a great way to teach children spelling recognition

Green – for finding words, this is the final level in the game and this time they must find simple words such as BALL, HAT etc.

The game ends when all the words or patterns have been found and the winner of the chosen game is whoever has the most coloured chips on the board.

Up to 4 players can play at any one time, although the recommendations are for 2 – 4 players, UnderTheChristmasTree feel that this game is such that a child could quite happily play the game on their own – which would be a great idea as children often like to do thing by themselves.

Both kids and parents are going to love this Drumond Park  game.  Parents will love it because children are learning as they play and children just simply because they’re having so much fun with the board game.

Reviews for Drumond Park’s Wordsearch Junior Board Game

Will this educational board game be top of your Christmas Games list this year?  Do get in touch below and tell us what your preschooler thought of it and if it has helped them learn.

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