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Workmates Top 10 Annoying Habits

A survey of over five thousand employees has revealed their fellow workers top 10 most annoying habits.

We know everyone has little habits that continually annoy us and silly things like clicking their nails can drive us mad.

As the exception to this rule (annoying? Me? Never!) it has fallen to me to check out these most annoying of habits and there are some strange ones in there.

Top of the tree is:

  • the smell of hot food – curry & fish dishes
  • taking your shoes off at your desk
  • Personal hygiene, not washing hands in the toilets, clipping toenails(who does that?) or picking their nose.
  • Leaving the kitchen in a messy state
  • Taking colleagues cups, stationery etc without asking
  • Bringing in crying babies
  • The quick spread of idle office gossip
  • Sending unnecessary emails to colleagues
  • Co-workers skiving and not putting in enough effort
  • Unnecessary use of vulgar language

Some of these seem fairly trivial annoyances and ones I’d expect to find in a large office environment.

I understand that crying babies could be annoying at work but if it’s a quick visit to show off your new baby it shouldn’t be too annoying but I’d draw the line at nappy changing!

The spread of idle gossip – what can I say about that, it kinda goes hand in hand with lots of workers in a small area. Let he/she who is without guilt cast the first stone.

To me the one that would send me over the edge would be the toe nail clipping – yuk! I can feel myself cringe as I type.

What annoys you most about your fellow workers?

Send us your top annoyances below

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