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Would This Be Your Perfect Day?

From having a family BBQ to sitting next to a roaring fire listening to your favourite music, we want to know: 

What would be your perfect day?

For some a perfect day could simply be doing nothing while sitting in your onesie,  for others it’s an action packed day full of adventure, but have you ever sat down and thought – what would be my perfect day?

US Comedian’s Liz Carey and Kerri Kenney-Silver did exactly that! Whilst taking part in an interview on Pret-a-Reporter website, they were asked a range of questions – one  which ended up being  all about Christmas!

Carey stated that a mutual love for Christmas is what brought the two together as friends and their perfect day would be: “We’re in some kind of Christmasy home. There’s a fire going. Our children our playing together quietly with wooden toys”

We had never really thought what would be the perfect day for us until now, this would be UnderTheChristmasTree’s dream day: 

Snow would be falling, so we couldn’t go anywhere, we are inside with a roaring fire.  Whilst tucked up on the sofa (with cosy socks and all) we would be watching a Christmas film (the original Santa Claus) whilst drinking a hot chocolate with the works (mallows, cream, choc chip cookies) and munching on two tubs of chocolates – bliss – can we do this right now?!

Whether it’s gathering as a family and doing a puzzle or simply sitting outside in the garden with a good book to read, everyone for one day should have that dream day – we want our traditional day now!

What is your perfect day? Let us know by commenting below.

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