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Would You Help your Kids Get a Job? If so – You Shouldnt

According to ex Dragons’ Den entrepreneur James Caan, parents should not be helping their children get a job even though his daughters work for companies he has invested in.

After commenting on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Caan said he understood why parents wanted to help but felt that allowing children to make their own opportunities is good for society, He said:

“I think allowing children the opportunity to develop and find their own way through life is very good for society and very good for the kids.”

In these difficult times would you or have you helped your child to get a job? or do you also feel it is better to let your child try and make their own way in the world of jobs?

Despite Mr Caan saying all of the above he was later asked on the programme about his daughter’s involvement in companies he has invested in, he said: “she spent four years of pursuing many jobs to establish herself on her own career path. Despite my involvement, she still had to go through a rigorous recruitment process with a number of different candidates and demonstrate her own abilities,”

He feel’s it should be about not who you know but about what you can do.

Has your child worked hard to get a job and not been able to get the job they interviewed for because someone knew someone in the office or because their uncle owns the company?

Do you own a business and let your child work their?

It seems in today’s crazy world of trying to get work can you understand why parents who are in a position to help their child do? or do you think it is unfair on the rest who are striving hard to climb up the ladder?

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