Would You Let Your Friends Drink Your Breast Milk?

Would you let your friends drink your breast milk? Recently it was reported that Myleene Klass let her friends and family do just that.

While breast milk is perfectly natural, for some the idea of drinking someone’s breast milk seems anything but natural.

Myleene Klass, who is mother to two daughters ages 2 and 5 years old, recently said;-

‘Come on, it’s normal,’ she said. ‘I made everyone try mine. It tastes just like those probiotic yoghurt drinks. Sweet – not as sweet as condensed milk.  I grew up knowing that he did that (her father) so it’s not weird to me. I sound like a happy-clappy hippy. Oh well, now you know. We’re that kind of family.’

Myleene refers to the fact her Father used to add breast milk instead of regular milk into his afternoon tea.

While we’re somewhat on the fence about whether we would drink another woman’s breast milk, we do wonder what it would taste like.

Many describe the taste of breast milk as sweet, almost like condensed milk.

So, would you let your friends drink your breast milk like Myleene? Comment below and let us know.

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