Would You Pose For A Family Portrait?

After today’s news of South African born artist Susanne du Toit winning £30,000 for her painted portrait of her family, we wondered, would you post for a family portrait?

The BP portrait awards awarded South African born Susanne Du Toit with the grand sum of £30,000 for her portrait of her son.  Du Toit revealed she allowed her son to pose as naturally as he liked, placing his hands however he wanted. Susanne went on to say;-

“Having said that, the averted gaze of this portrait, which was his choice, struck me as characteristic of his reflective character, and became intensely engaging”

Obviously the judges felt the same way, describing her portrait as “simple but outstanding”.

Second place was Coventry based Artist and teacher John Devane, who walked away with a prize of ten thousand pounds for his painting ‘The uncertain time’ which was a painting of his children.  The painting took three years to complete as he observed how they grew and adjusted to life as they grew into adulthood.

The question is though, would you pose for a family portrait?

Many of us would find it difficult just getting the whole family together, never mind getting the children to sit still while the portrait was being painted!


With many more families getting together for professional photo shoots for canvases, do you think getting a portrait is too cheesy or just a lovely idea?

Perfect for a gift at special times throughout the year including birthdays and Christmas would you wrap up your family’s and give them out to parents or friends?

It looks like family portraits are becoming more and more popular, so strap in your best suit, try and get the family to sit still and make sure no-one is crying!

Have you had a photo taken with the whole family?  Share you experience below using our fast and easy comments box.

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