X-Bladez RC Stunt Quadcopter

We were super excited when Bladez Toys sent us over their new X-Bladez RC Stunt Quadcopter and John couldn’t wait to put it through it’s paces.

This is what he said:

“Wow what a huge, substantial box! The imagery alone makes me want to get the quadcopter out straight away. Giving in to my feelings I quickly slid the polystyrene block out of the box and sitting comfortably inside was the RC Stunt Quadcopter.

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It only took one quick glance to know that this was the ultimate in quadcopters and I couldn’t wait to see what it could do.

The X-Bladez RC Stunt Quadcopter is available from Amazon

Setting it up wasn’t rocket science (it was quadcoper science ha ha!) and once removed from the box I charged it up for slightly less than an hour – which would give me up to 15 minutes flying time. I thought the spare blades were a nice touch.

Don’t worry if your not flight savvy as on the LCD display screen you can easily change the flight difficulty levels. As I’m not an accomplished pilot I opted for the Beginner level, but you can choose from Intermediate, Advanced and Pro levels. I think this is a great idea as the more your flying skills progress the further up the levels you can go.

The stunt quad is a whopping 65cm in diameter and has a maximum range of 100 metres, don’t even attempt to fly this monster indoors – this is definitely for outdoors only. Having read the instructions – please make sure you do this before flying – I certainly wouldn’t let anyone under the recommended 14+ age group use it.

Make sure to take a good look at the handset controls – this piece of advice from the enclosed user guide certainly helped give me the confidence to take it out for a trial run (make that flight!)

I took some time to work my way through the user guide it but it did help me get much more from the R/C Quadcopter. Before I knew it I was flipping 360° and by keeping it a minimum of 3 metres from the ground I got the full visual effect.

In what seemed like no time at all I was connecting up the water blaster and had a whale of a time with this fun feature, next up was the missile launcher which yet again was great fun. My favourite, however, was night flying, since it now gets dark around 5pm, I grabbed the opportunity and switched on the LED lights and lit up the sky with my after dark flying skills, the 4 individual rotors allow the X-Bladz Quad to hover seamlessly and the effect is amazing.

Did I like the X-Bladez RC Stunt Quadcopter? NOPE – I absolutely LOVED IT!!! This really is in a league all of it’s own”

Get in touch below and tell us what stunts you’ve pulled – we’d love to know.

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