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Xbox One Release Date Confirmed

We recently did an article on the xbox one where we mentioned the release date for the new games console is set to be in November 2013.  We can now confirm the release date for the Xbox One is to be November 29th 2013 – two weeks prior to the new Sony Playstation 4.

The release date has been speculated by the press many times since the new console has been announced. Now, we have a confirmed release date of November 29th – just in time for Christmas!

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Chances of you getting your hands on an Xbox One for Christmas are slim however, with the console in huge demand by gaming fans and consumers across the globe.  We would recommend pre-ordering this as soon as possible to get your hands on one! (you can pre-order yours by clicking here).

The console is being released two weeks prior to the release of their rival Playstation, with their new PS4 console.  We’re not sure which console will win the Christmas battle, but one thing is for sure, both consoles will be hugely popular for Christmas 2013.

Again, if you would like to pre-order the Xbox One, just click here.

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