Xia Xia Hermit Crab Bimini

Flirty Xia Xia hermit Crab Bimini is sure to get hearts racing with her big pretty eyes.  She has a polka dot shell and loves to dance just like the other Xia Xia’s! This has many features, which include;-

  • Xia Xia hermit Crab Bimini
  • Polka Dot Shell
  • Mini Figure
  • Available At Amazon UK

Xia-Xia Hermit Crab Bimini

Everyday is carnival day with the new Xia Xia hermit crab Bimini. Choose from four different crabs or collect all four for even more playability.

Introducing Xia Xia Hermit Crab – Bimini. This is one flirty crustacean with her pink poka dotted shell and flirty eyes Bimini is bound to be at the top of girls Xia Xia list.

Like all the Xia Xia Crabs Bimini loves to dance and play because every day is a carnival day with the Xia Xia crew. Each Xia-Xia character comes with a little friend inside its shell for even more fun.

Start her moving along with her wacky crawl by pressing her claw. Bring alive your Xia Xia Hermit Crab Bimini’s fantasy world of colour and magic.

Start your Xia Xia Toys collection with Hermit Crab Bimini. These fun little crabs are the talk of the town and are described as skitter-scattering, pitter-pattering, loveable, crazy crabs with shells and kooky friends.

Box Contains

Here is a list of information on what you will get when Xia Xia hermit crab bimini arrives at your home. Part of the new Xia Xia range of  toys.

  • Xia Xia Hermit Crab Bimini

Specifications for Xia Xia Hermit Crab Toys

Are you Searching for Xia Xia Hermit Crab Bimini technical details and specfications? Below is a list of information about these new kids toys.

  • Brand: Xia Xia
  • Age: Age 4 and Older.

Xia Xia Hermit Crab Bimini Reviews

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