You wont be stuck with what to watch with Roku LT Streaming Player

roku lt streaming playerAre you always stuck for something to watch on your TV and the repeats of Only Fools and Horses just wont do any longer? The Roku LT Streaming Player will give you a choice of loads of programmes, movies and more and without the mess of long cables.

  • High-definition streaming up to 720p HD
  • Works with virtually any TV and has Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi)
  • TV, Movies, Sport, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video plus load more
  • RRP £49.99

Sometimes when you are flicking through your TV guide it seems to be just repeat after repeat, now usually watching our favourite programme a few time’s is great however when you know the sentances before it comes out of the actors mouth, you knwo its time to try and find something else to tune into.

This is where the Roku LT Streaming Player comes into it’s own, turning your television into a smart TV you can connect up and ejoy a vast range of movies, TV showsm live sports and lots more inclduing apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and more.

Roku Channels

Setting up is very easy and quick to do, John (part of the UnderTheChristmasTree team) took the roku which is small, light and easy to find room for connect to the television and wireless network this all took the matter of minuites.

Next up you need to fill in credit card or Paypal details to set up a Roku account but don’t worry this is only if you want premium products – you are unlikely to as there is so much to choose from.

Detecting to go into UK PAL mode immeditely 9one smart little cookie eh?) John was ready to start picking what he wanted to stream. Using the simple remote which has a easy layoutand not to many buttons so you get confused, John picked what he wanted to watch and he couldnt believe just how excellent it was – no buffering every few minuites, no lag in between sentances just good quality HD picture.

roku player

Roku LT Streaming player is a great Christmas gift idea for those who love movies and watching their favourite programmes and becuase it is so simple to set up this little device is ideal for those not so tech savvy people such as grandparents.

Just think about how many Christmas programmes we can now sit and watch… I’m thinking of just putting the Original Santa Claus on loop!

Roku LT Streaming Player Reviews

Do you already own a Roku? Why not hare with others your exprience of this device by submitting a review below.

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