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Zinc Zhycho Stunt Scooter

Get scooting with the new Zinc Team Series Zycho Stunt Scooter, we know we felt like pro’s on ours which we were kindly sent to review.¬† The scooter features:

  • Suitable for age 8 and over
  • Created and tested by Zinc Team Riders and Team Extreme.
  • 100kgs Maximum Weight
  • Soft rubberised Pro Grips

UndertheChristmasTree was delighted when a delivery van stopped at our offices and off loaded a guitar shaped parcel. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to rip the covering off and see what was inside. We were delighted to see the new, black, Zinc Zhycho scooter inside and quickly removed it from it’s sturdy cardboard packaging. As our resident would be teen, we passed this over to John (55), who fortunately was under the recommended 100kgs maximum weight, was delighted to put it through its paces. This is what he said about it.

“This is a solid stunt scooter and once I’d removed the handlebars and base I sat down to read the enclosed instructions. Don’t be in a rush to jump onto your new scooter without first reading and following the recommendations that are given on the service manual, they are very important and could save you from being hurt.Flip open the instruction manual and you’ll find easy to follow picture and text instructions, along with these are two 5mm allen keys which you’ll need to tighten up the 5mm bolts on your scooter.

Don’t try to cut corners, I totally understand that anyone would want to jump on and start scooting around but for your safety’s sake please do follow all the recommendations and check that all bolts are tightened.

Once you’re ready to take it for a spin, wearing protective clothing and appropriate head gear, make sure to check your brakes before scooting off.

I love the patterned board, the pattern on it makes it relatively slip proof which will be handy when you show off your favourite stunts. That is, if you get the chance to do so,because when I took this little beauty out for a test run I got hardly any distance before being stopped by some kids out on their bikes and asked about the scooter. What kinda scooter is that? Is it just released? Can I try it out? What does it cost? Where did you get it? All the while looking at me as if to say ‘Are you sure you’re not too old for this?’

I must say that all who stopped me on my journey had nothing but praise for the scooter and loved the black finish (it’s also available in blue and red) and High Bounce 5 Spoke Alloy core, PU wheels and, no, I didn’t offer anyone a ‘test drive’.

Unsuitable for under 8’s the scooter moves along at a good pace and (if I only had the courage, but at my age ….) I would love to try some of the stunts I see kids trying. As the Zhycho is made from aluminum with zinc elements it has the ability to flex when under stress then return to it’s original shape and the soft rubberised Pro Grips give good control of the handlebars.

Adult supervision is recommended for children and preteens, since I’m slightly older than that (only just!) I enjoyed heading off on my own, though I could feel the eyes of the office staff poring in to my back as I headed off along the pavement which thankfully was dog and jogger free.

I had a great time out on the Zhycho scooter reliving my youth, how I wish they’d been around then!

Reviews for the Zinc Zhycho Scooter

Do you love scooting around or have you someone who would just love to find this under their Christmas tree this year? Get in touch and tell us about your scooting antics, you can contact us below.

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