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Far away in a mysterious land little mischievous creatures called Zoobles are getting ready to spring to life! Suitable for ages 4 and older there are a whole host of these adorable girls toys ready buy.

So what are Zoobles? these big eyed, colourful toys were created by Spin Master as a sort of Bakugan spin off. When you place these collectable toys on the “happitat” they pop open into a collectable, colourful Zooble!


Zoobles blossoming garden playset

Watch as your cute Zooble roll down the side and then spring to life in the flower shower! The shower petals open on this zoobles blossoming garden playset as your character hits the hot spot.

zoobles dee light up kids toys

Place your Dee Light up Zooble on its “happitat” hot spot and watch it spring to life. The curled up toy  springs to life into a sweet and cute, colourful character for you to play with.  Lights up in different colours and no two are alike.

zoobles special edition pack

The zoobles special edition adds a twist to the normal Zoobles. Just like the other ones they start as cute curled-up creatures which open to reveal colourful animals when they are placed on the hotspot in their special “happitat” but these special edition zoobles have decorations such as fuzzy fabrics, metallic colours and shiny gems.

zoobles hairdoobles

Bring Zoobles Hairdoobles to life and style their hair! Each Hairdoobles starts of like all of the other ones, as a curled up creature ball until you place it in its “happitat” when it opens up to revel a cute and colourful creature. Each comes with hair extensions which are easy to style an fun hair accessories too!

Zoobles Mama & Zoobling Nursery Playset

The zoobling twins are growing fast and need to use up some of the excess energy. Where else would mama take them than the Zoobling Nursery. Perfect for girls aged 4 and over this is one of the Toy Retaillers Association Top Girls Toys.

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