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Zoomer Zuppies Candy the Robotic Puppy from Spin Master

If you have a child who is desperate for their own puppy then Zoomer Zuppies Candy the Robotic Puppy may be the answer.  Here at UnderTheChristmasTree we had hours of fun! We were kindly sent this to review.

Candy is a super sweet, sparkly pink, robotic puppy that loves to share secrets and lots more with her owner.  Just like a real puppy, Candy has a unique personality, she loves to play and will reward you with happy barks and panting noises, however just like a real pet if you don’t care for Candy she can become sad as Mandy learned when she went for a coffee break!

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Zoomer Zuppies Candy the Robotic Puppy is available from Amazon.

Candy will be your child’s personal interactive puppy that will love to play with them and the more they are played with the happier their robotic puppy will be.

Just like us, each Zoomer Zuppy has a distinct personality and loves to play. Candy likes to play fun, interactive music and experiences different emotions and moods, which your child can affect by their interactions together.

Each pup experiences their own unique emotions and moods, they have their own secret tricks, games, music modes and unique ways to play and they will reward their owner with love and happiness which they show through their LED eyes and sounds.

When your child taps her back and nose they’ll get a musical treat! Candy loves to play songs and will enjoy a dance party with her new owner. To make their own custom music they can easily add barks to the track by tapping Candy’s head when they want to bark to the beat and they can also change the instrument sound from piano to guitar and back.

Pet, play, and wave your hand, and Candy will react and respond to you, scratch Candy’s chest and you’ll be rewarded with happy barks and panting noises – don’t worry she’s not to loud!

All Zoomer Zuppies love to play interactive games and Candy’s eyes will light up when they play Ping Pong, Brick Breaker, Bop It, and Higher Lower together. You can personalize your pup so when you want to show her off to friends she can preform tricks on you and her know, Mandy’s was to scratch her belly!

Suitable for age 5 and over, robotic puppy also interacts other Zoomer dogs as well as with her bigger brother Zoomer.  She requires 3 AAA batteries for operation (which are not included) and also comes with an instruction booklet.

Will Santa bring a bundle of puppy joy in his sleigh for your child, with their very own cute and cuddly Candy the Zoomer Zuppy?  Share your thoughts below.

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