History of Christmas

The History of Christmas is told in many different ways. Here is some interesting information of the history of Christmas. As early as 336AD the roman church records a nativity celebration on the 25th of December which has now became an accepted holiday as the birth of Christ (Christmas). This is a time when family and friends get together and celebrate the birth of Christ.

On Christmas morning children have been visited by Santa or as some may know him as St Nicholas, Noel, Santa clause. Children today still look forward to opening the first window in their Advent calendar on the 1st of December and the excitement continues to build right up to Christmas Eve when the last window is opened. It was the Victorians who started off the popular tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. They hung mistletoe from doorways and ceilings and a mistletoe myth states that if a woman stands under the mistletoe does not receive a kiss, she will not marry in the following year.

There are carolers that sing traditional Christmas Carols to raise money for various charities. However,carol singing began in England when traveling musicians would visit wealthy homes and perform in the hope of receiving money or food.

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