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How to make a Christmas Eve Box for pets

2023 is the year of Christmas Eve boxes, so why shouldn’t your pet be spoiled with one too?  We’ve put together some PAWSOME tips and gift ideas for your very own Christmas Eve box for pets.

Santa Paws is coming to town.

Christmas Eve Box for Pets

Gone are the days when Christmas Eve boxes were just for kids as adults and now even the pets are getting their very own versions, all be it doggy treats instead of sweets.

Your furry friend should be able to enjoy the most magical day of the year just as much as the next which should include their very own Christmas Eve box.

Packed full of the same exciting treats, outfits, and toys all just with a pet twist.

If you’re thinking of making a pet Christmas Eve box this year, here are some tips and ideas to help you start for both Cats and Dogs.

1. A Personalised Christmas Eve box or Sack to hold the treats

This Christmas Sack from (£5) Matalan is ideal for holding a host of goodies for your fluffy pal to open on Christmas Eve.

BUY NOW Christmas Sack, Matalan.co.uk

How to make a Christmas Eve box for Pets - Matalan - PET SACK £5

2. Novelty knitwear to spend the day in

Spread the holiday cheer to your pawed pals with this fun fair isle Christmas Tree dog jumper which will cost £25 from FatFace, they’ll be sure to steal the show on Christmas morning.

How to make a Christmas Eve box for Pets - FATFACE CHRISTMAS TREE DOG JUMPER £24

 BUY NOW Dog Christmas Jumper, £25

3. The finishing touch to your tree

How about adding decorations for the Christmas tree? Pets will love to feel included this festive season with their own festive bauble, including this felt dog decoration.

How to make a Christmas Eve box for Pets - Hanging Felt Dog with Present Decoration

BUY NOW Christmas tree decorations, dunelm.com

4.  Toy, toys, and more toys!

If you want to go that extra mile, toys for your pets such as this Percy Pig from M&S Christmas dog toy for £6 toy will not only light up their faces but yours as well as they play all day long.

Christmas Eve Box for Pets 2021 - Percy Pig™ Pet Toy £6

BUY NOW Percy Pig Rope Toy £6

5. Food glorious food

Make your pets feel extra special with a selection of dog or cat-only festive treats. From advent calendars to crackers, including Matalan’s Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs, (RRP £5, Matalan) Christmas Eve will be even more magical as you celebrate with your fluffy friend.

How to make a Christmas Eve box for Pets - Matalan - PET ADVENT CALENDAR £9


BUY NOW Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs, Matalan £5

Making your furry pets part of the big night before Christmas will be super fun and a real treat for all non-human family members.

Prices are correct at the time of publishing.

Don’t forget – Christmas Eve boxes for children and Christmas Eve boxes for adults too.

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