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Lindsay Lohan To Turn On Christmas Lights In Kettering!

Following a bitter exchange of Tweets during the EU referendum results from Lindsay Lohan, it seems the Mean Girls star has made amends with the town of Kettering as she accepts an MP’s invitation to turn on the town’s Christmas Lights.

The EU referendum brought out opinions in everyone it seems as Lindsay Lohan tweets about her disappointment in Kettering voting to leave. Lohan said:

Tory Backbench MP & Kettering Native Philip Hollobone was enraged enough to speak with Cabinet Minister Chris Grayling in Parliament in regards to the celebrity.

Following their discussion, it was suggested that Miss Lohan visited the town and an olive branch was handed to her in offering her the opportunity to switch on the Town’s Christmas lights. It seems the starlet was only too happy to accept the invitation as she tweeted:

Ah the magic of Christmas strikes again! Will you be heading to Kettering to see Lindsay Lohan turn on the town’s Christmas lights? let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by sharing via the social media icons.

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