Logo What Am I?

Can you Draw it? Could you Describe it? Would you be able to Guess it?

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Logo What Am I features:

  • Family friendly
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up
  • Easy to play
  • Available from AMAZON UK

Logo What Am I?

If you’re searching for a fun, family friendly game then look no further than Logo What Am I?

This is a no questions asked board game from top UK manufacturer Drumond Park who also released the hugely popular Logo game which was designed for older children and adults.

On opening the colourful box which is decorated with items and characters from all your favourite TV ads – who wouldn’t remember the Churchill dog, the Meerkats, Bertie Bassett or even Marmite you will find, neatly folded, a circular game board, showing a red pencil, a yellow question mark and a little smiley guy with a speech bubble.

Choose your coloured cone shaped playing piece from red, orange ,blue, green, white or yellow cones and place it on the GO spot on the board.

The oldest player is first to go – they must take a card and, for the first round only, it must be a ‘Describe It’ round, starts to describe what is on it, everyone can shout out as many answers as they can in the time it takes for the sand to run through the enclosed timer.

Provided someone does come up with the right Challenge word then, this is where the twist comes in, BOTH they and the challenger move forward by each rolling the dice and moving their coloured cone forward.

Here is Holly from our UndertheChristmasTree team demonstrating Logo What am I Board game.

What will your find in the box?

  • Circular Playing Board
  • Draw It Pad
  • 6 x Playing Pieces
  • Pencil
  • 250 Cards
  • Dice
  • Instructions
  • Sand timer

Specifications for Logo What Am I?

  • For 2 – 6 players
  • Suitable for age 8 and over
  • No batteries required
  • Boxed weight 962 g

With 250 Challenge Cards can you describe, draw or guess the brands that are on the cards?

Draw It round the drawer has the choice of 2 items to draw- could you draw a toilet seat or my little pony.

Describe It round the player must describe the 3 products on the card before the sand in the timer runs out.  How would you describe 118 118, smarties or frubes?

Can you Guess It as you ask the card holder questions that will give away the picture on the front of the game card what questions would you ask to get Shaving Brush?

Perfectly described on the box – Logo What Am I? – No trivia, just great fun! And it is!  It can all get a bit noisy when everyone’s excitedly shouting out their answers at once. If there a younger child, who may feel left out, why not play the game in pairs, then the whole family can join in.

It all seems really simple but this family friendly game which is suitable for age 8 and over really puts you on the spot when the 60 second timer is set. In Logo What Am I? There are always 2 winners – not necessarily those who came first and second.

First past the ‘Winning Zone is the winner but so to is the challenger who asked the winning question. This game is great fun for all the family, it’s easy to play, it doesn’t require batteries so it’s ready to play when you are and everyone has a good chance of winning. Drumond Park describe Logo What Am I? as Guess It, Draw It,  Describe It . . no trivia, just great fun and you will agree that it surely is!

Logo What Am I Reviews

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These are no longer available.

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