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Christmas Dip Recipe: Quick & Freakin Easy Guac (Guacamole)

Most food trends seem to come and go however it seems no one can stop the avocado from being one of the most popular foods this year.  Below frozen food store, Iceland has shared its easy Guac recipe which you could make for any Christmas party.

Christmas Dip Recipe: Quick & Easy Freakin Easy Guac (Guacamole)

2 Avocados (or 4 Iceland frozen avocado halves defrosted) Juice of 1 lime
Frozen or fresh chopped red chilli (1 tablespoon or to personal taste)
1 Small finely chopped red onion
2 firm to touch tomatoes – diced
Serves: 4

1.  Crush the avocado with some salt and add lime juice
2.  Add the chopped chilli, finely chopped red onion and diced tomato
3.  Mix all ingredients into a chunky guacamole – for a smoother guacamole simply crush the avocados to a creamy texture
4.  Scoop and enjoy with some crunchy tortilla chips

Five reasons why Iceland’s frozen Avocado’s will help you this festive season.

Iceland's frozen Avocado

AVOCA-DON’T – waste not want not
Buying frozen avocado, Iceland shoppers can avoid all the hassle of ‘squeeze testing’ their avocados and simply use the perfect portion size for each meal with no wastage.

AVOCA-DON’T – risk ‘Avocado Hand’
Reports of ‘Avocado Hand’ slicing injuries hit the headlines earlier this year. Luckily by shopping for pre-sliced, de-stoned, frozen avocado not only do you saves time, but your fingers too!

AVOCA-DO – always be prepared
With the rise in multi-packs on offer, shoppers risk wasting avocados which ripen at the wrong time, but having an expertly ready-ripened supply in the freezer means there’s always one to hand.

AVOCA-DO get that glow 24/7
Avocado face masks are a growing phenomenon and easy to DIY at home. Frozen avocado means there’s a spa treatment in your freezer whenever you need one.

AVOCA-DON’T run out of guacamole again
With Iceland’s super convenient frozen avocados, there’s a handy supply of the fleshy fruit to hand if your guacamole bowls over your guests.

Frozen Avocado’s from Iceland.com are £3.50 for 500g.
This recipe was kindly sent to us from Iceland.com

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