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Ten Ways On How To Get On To Santas Nice List

Throughout the year, Santa asks his little helpers at UnderTheChristmasTree to give children a little reminder:

He knows if they have been bad or good

To make sure they get on his nice list they only need to follow a few easy steps, throughout the year.

Below are 10 ways suggested by Santa for kids to get onto his nice list:

1.  Please and Thank-You’s.  Santa always likes to hear and see good manners, so if you should forget to be polite to family, friends and strangers he may not be very happy.  Always saying please when asking for something and saying thank-you when receiving will ensure a tick next to your name.

2.  Being kind and helpful.  If Mr Clause was not both kind and helpful, children would not receive the thoughtful gifts they get (and Mrs Clause may not bake those Christmas treats!) Being kind and thoughtful to others is very important, so making a special effort for family and helping the neighbors will put an even bigger smile on Santa face.

3.  Help Mum and Dad around the house.  You don’t want a piece of coal this Christmas, so when mum, dad or other family and friends ask you to help around the house or put away your toys make sure to help out. What Santa likes even more is if you haven’t been asked and you do it yourself!

4.  Making special gifts and cards for loved ones.   It isn’t all about what gift you get but about the time spent making special gifts for loved ones. Why not show your parent/friend/neighbour how much you care for them by making a gift.


5.  Working Hard.   School and working hard is very important to Santa, his elves both in the North Pole and his helpers here at UnderTheChristmasTree always put our best efforts into everything we do, so do the same and it will pay off.

6.  Share and Play nicely.   Sharing your toys and playing nicely with sisters, brothers and friends will not just get you another tick next to your name but will make sure everyone at the North Pole takes extra care with your list so unless you want smelly socks instead of the toy you want you need to be nice and share.

7.  Being charitable.  Santa loves children who are charitable especially with their old toys, so this year instead of throwing out or keeping toys you don’t play with any longer, box them up and give to either a charity shop, friends, or to someone who needs it.

8.  Eat your fruit and veg.  Now we all know just how much Santa loves a mince pie, however he also makes sure to eat all of his fruits and vegetables so he has the strength and energy to deliver all of his presents in one night, if you eat all of yours he might have the strength to stop at your house.


9.  Christmas spirit.  Being full of Christmas cheer such as being fun, helping with decorations and singing carols will have your name top of the nice list.

10.  Merry Christmas.  Throughout the festive months make sure to wish all of your friends and family a Merry Christmas, the more you say it and mean it the more Santa will hear it.

These simple steps will have your name topping the nice list with a shiny gold star, but you have to start doing these now and throughout the year becuase we all know – ‘He can see you when your sleeping, he knows if your awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!’

Why not print these tips out and every month up until Christmas (and after) put a tick or gold star next to each point so you child can see if they are following Santa list!

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