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Tom Allen to explore 65 Years of TV adverts

Comedian Tom Allen is set to host a documentary where he explores 65 years of television adverts. Could there be a few Christmas ones making an appearance?

Image credit: Channel 4

36 year old comedian Tom Allen is regularly seen on our screens on Live at the Apollo and channel 4’s Comedy Gala.  Now, in a production with Boundless & Channel 4, Tom is set to hit our screens with a new documentary as he hilariously explores 65 years of TV adverts.

Of course, we don’t know if any Christmas adverts will make the cut, but we’re hoping to see some festive favourites in there, such as the Coca Cola and the ‘Snowman’ adverts.

Filmed from the comfort of Tom’s own home, Allen will feature playful spoofs and lots of laughs, alongside thought-provoking observations. It will be filmed with a self-shooting kit while Tom is self-isolating in the home he shares with his parents.

Image credit: JillWellington via Pixabay

Tom Allen said: “I’m delighted to be analysing the world of advertising which, in our consumer age, has really dictated how we see ourselves. I don’t even know who I am unless I’m buying something! If I buy Ski Yoghurt – does that make me a health freak? If I choose Diet Coke – does that mean I should take my top off? Would drinking Cinzano make me Joan Collins??! Anyway, fingers crossed it’s just as glamourous as the programme Mad Men, but here’s hoping I don’t start smoking, drinking Scotch during the day and having an affair with my secretary.”

Air date and times are yet to be confirmed.

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