xPrintServer Home Edition By Lantronix

“Open it.  Plug it in.  Print!” – That’s the logo for the xPrintserver Home Edition by Lantronix. 

We were kindly sent this to review. We put this to the test and tell you, our lovely readers, our opinions.

Christmas is soon approaching and this means parties, nativities and quick snaps of Uncle Jim singing a song nobody knows after too many brandy’s,  however most of these are taken on our smartphones never to be printed as it takes way to long and too much hassle.

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With Lantronix xPrintServer Home Edition you are able to print out all of your photo’s from your ipad & iPhone with a press of a button and a connection of a USB cable – so you can easily hand out embarrassing…we mean lovely photos over the festive period.

Normally to print out our pictures, we need to send them all to our PC, then connect the printer and printing.  This will save a lot of time for people on the go – let’s face it, we all have things we need to be doing and so something quick, easy and fuss free is right up our street.

One of the key features of the xPrintserver Home Edition is that there are no ‘apps’ or additional software/downloads required to use this. It is simply plug and print.  The gadget automatically finds any printers that are connected to your network upon being connected and will redirect your prints to the connected printer.


So it was time to put it to the test and set up this device.  To set up the Lantronix device, we simply connected it to our wireless router/switch (network) and connected to the printer- our printer is the Epson DX5000 before plugging it’s power supply in.

At this point the nifty little gadget automatically worked it’s magic and found any printers within our network, and once found, the “X” on the device began flashing quickly for around 3o seconds and then it went to a slow pulse to show that it was ready.  From there, we opened our media on our phone/ipad and printed using our usual menu from our phones.

If you’re worried that your printer is old and will need to be upgraded before using this, then fear not! The xPrintServer supports over 4,000 printer models from manufacturers including HP, Toshiba, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox & Epson.

Overall, this is a really simple device to use but works really well.  We love the convenience of this and are quickly becoming addicted to printing out anything and everything.  The design on the Lantronix XPrintServer Home Edition is smooth and sleeks and it is light to hold. It is also small and compact enough that it can sit in neatly in any room that your printer and wireless router are.

Priced at roughly £65, we reckon this could be a firm favourite for Christmas.  Click here to send Santa in the right direction for Christmas 2014.

Also available is the Lantronix XPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

Will you be asking Santa for one of these devices?  Comment below and let us know.

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