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13 ways to use citrus peel in your Christmas decorations

Get ready to zest up your holidays as we put together a list of fun, easy and cost-effective ways you can use Citrus peel in your festive decorations!

Picture this: vibrant orange slices adorning your Christmas tree, filling the air with a citrusy scent that beats any holiday candle, yeah we’re already getting the festive feels too. And oh, the wreaths! A splash of orange here, a pop of lemon there—creating wreaths so festive, even Santa would do a double take.

So, this holiday season, let your creativity peel away with citrus decorations that add zest, fragrance, and a sprinkle of eco-friendliness to your festivities!

Citrus Pot Pourri

In our sider above, we’ve rounded up a handful of ideas on how to use citrus peel in your Christmas decorations.


Can You Freeze Citrus Peel?

Sure! you can freeze citrus peel. Grab that trusty vegetable peeler and let’s get zesting those citrus fruits! Remember, easy does it – we’re aiming for just the colourful zest, not the bitter white stuff underneath. Pop those zesty strips into a snug little container, seal it up tight, and into the freezer they go!

A Box of Citrus peels

5 Ways To Use Citrus Peels In Your Christmas Recipes:

  1. Citrus-infused Mulled Wine: Add citrus peel strips to your mulled wine for a fragrant twist on a classic holiday drink.
  2. Zesty Citrus Roast Turkey: Rub citrus zest under the skin of your turkey before roasting for a flavorful and aromatic centrepiece.
  3. Candied Citrus Peel Treats: Dip citrus peel strips in sugar syrup and let them dry for delightful, homemade treats or garnishes.
  4. Citrus-Spiked Cranberry Sauce: Incorporate grated citrus zest into your cranberry sauce for a bright and tangy flavour boost.
  5. Citrus-Infused Baked Goods: Add grated citrus zest to your favourite Christmas cookies, cakes, or bread recipes for a burst of citrusy freshness.