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A Toast to the Sandwich

We British really are a nation of bread lovers. We are quite likely to go crust over filling in an effort to make our favourite sandwich.

Nothing quite fills that gap like a thick slice of toast topped off with a healthy  heavy topping of bubbling cheese.

Officially, toast has been proven to be Britain’s most loved food smell and the smell of toast triggers memories of happiness.  I agree with this fact – I feel very happy as I load the butter onto my hot toast!

99% of UK households buy bread each day – that’s approximately 12 million loaves each day and sandwiches account for ½ of all bread consumption.

What is the UK’s favourite sandwich filling?  According to the British Sandwich Association the top filling is chicken, followed by cheese then egg, and we munch our way through a whopping 11.5 billion sandwiches each year.

If we add together the number of shop bought sandwiches and the number of home made sandwiches we consume every year this makes us the world leader in sandwich consumption.

We all have our own favourite filling and information about its content is given out on a knead to know basis only.

Why are we so in love with our sandwiches?

  • They are so easy to make
  • They don’t cost a lot
  • They are convenient
  • They are quick to make
  • They can be eaten on the go
  • They are the perfect accompaniment to soup.

Top bread one liner from Peter Kay – Garlic bread – it’s the future, I’ve tasted it.

OK! OK! We really knead to stop these crumby bread jokes.

It’s time to raise your cup in a toast to “The Sandwich”

Get in touch and tell us your most unusual sandwich filling.

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