How To Store Away Christmas Gifts

Every year, santa spoils us all and we forget that somehow, we have to find places to put everything! So instead of facing that dilemma on Boxing Day, have compiled a list of ways to store and tidy your gifts.

1 – Large Gift Bags – We all go and get one of those really big christmas gift bags to store our presents when we’re organising them before Christmas – use the same bags to store some of your Christmas Gifts until you can find a permanent solution.

2 – Have a Christmas clean! Why not donate or sell some of your old items of clothing or toys to make some room for some of your new gifts?

3 – Plastic Boxes! – You can go to tesco or a similar store and get large plastic boxes with lids for less than £2 – go and get a few prior to Christmas and store away some of your gifts on Boxing Day.

4 – Play a game – Have your child or children play a “hide your presents” game – once the presents are all cleaned and hidden away, they can watch a Christmas film or have a mince pie while you put your feet up and sip on a glass of mulled wine!

5 – The Leaning Tower Of Pisa – You know what we’re talking about, we’ve all done it! If all else fails, find a corner or free wall in your bedroom and neatly stack everything in a pile, it may not be a permanent solution, but temporarily this will do the trick without causing too much havoc in your home.

What are your tips for storage on boxing day?

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