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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Scentered I Want to Be Happy set

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without all those wonderful scents that evoke emotions, memories and feeling which is just one of the reasons we loved SCENTERED’s ‘I want to feel’ range.

Scentered I want to Feel Happy Christmas Gift Set
Image credit: Scentered

We were kindly sent this to review.  All opinions are our own

Back for 2019, Scentered’s Festive gifting sets invite one and all to Stop.Inhale.Reset so if you’re feeling as though you want to scream your lungs louder than Santa shouting Ho Ho Ho then one of these gorgeous sets could be the ticket.

Holly from our team tried: I Want To Feel Happy Wellbeing Ritual Balm & Candle and shares her thoughts below.

‘Who doesn’t want to start the day happy? just sometimes the toast gets burnt, the train runs late (always!) and to top it all off, you’ve just found out you’ve still got Secret Santa for your work friend to buy for, this all adds up and puts a little damper on my mood.

Scentered I want to Feel Happy balm and candle

Scentered Be Happy gift sets claims to deliver an instant burst of positivity to help transform your mood on these not so ideal days. The balm, which I’ve used a few times this week, smells divine, it has refreshing notes of spearmint with a slight kick of lemon and when applied to my pulses wasn’t greasy or sticky, as for the effects, I really did like the scent so it certainly did make me smile and that pause to take the time to apply and inhale gave me a few moments to gather my thoughts – plus as it’s not liquid it didn’t leak all over my handbag which would have certainly left me feeling very UN-happy!

The candle was a warming comfort after a very busy day and a crammed packed train, which, yes did arrive late, Once lighted the candle produced a soft smell of lemon and burnt very well, again my mood was happier and calmer after the hectic day.

Scentered I want to Feel Happy Christmas gift set

The packaging is very attractive and bonus point – you can reuse and recycle the box, making this a perfect pressie for those of us looking to do a little more for the environment.  Overall I would certainly pick this up for friend for Christmas and probably stock upon a balm or two in the process’

There are four Scentered ‘I Want To Feel’ Christmas gift sets available including: Be Happy, Escape, De-Stress and Sleep Well and cost £27.50 each from https://scentered.com.

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