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Christmas Tried And Tested 2023: Centerpieces

The official UTCT results are in! Check out which centerpieces we thought were the best in our annual Christmas taste test.

Christmas Taste Test 2023 - Centerpiece

Your Christmas dinner table should have guests oohing and ahhing when you bring out this year’s showstopping centerpiece. It should be elaborate, dedicant and leave your guests wanting more.s from some of the UK’s leading supermarkets and stores.

WINNER: Tesco Finest Chocolate Woodland Log Cake, £17

Christmas Taste Test 2023 -WINNER Tesco Finest Chocolate Woodland Log Cake

Packed full of chocolate, this triple-layered chocolate cake is filled and coated with a delicious chocolate ganache with a beautiful festive design. Our team described Tesco’s Woodland Log Cake as rich, indulgent and just melted in your mouth and really loved the warm, festive design the Yule Cake had – perfect for any Christmas centerpiece.

SECOND PLACE: Iceland Luxury Caramelised Biscuit Sticky Toffee Star, Price: TBC

Iceland Luxury Caramelised Biscuit Sticky Toffee Star

Made with dates and toffee to give a delicious and tasty sponge that our team loved, they really enjoyed the flavour and felt the sponge was rich and the biscuit crumb gave a nice bite to the star but felt a little was enough especially with the additional caramel sauce over the top of the star.

THIRD PLACE: Tesco Finest Mulled Berry Wreath, £6.50

Christmas Taste Test 2023 -Tesco Finest Mulled Berry Wreath

Chewy and crisp, this meringue wreath is topped with mulled berry cream and berries. Our team said they liked the taste, it was not overly sweet and the berries with the chocolate shards were a nice addition, and would have this as an after-dinner dessert.

Co-op Irresistible Chocolate Indulgence Cake, £7.00

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A 2 tier sponge cake filled with chocolate and finished off with Belgian chocolate drops. Our team really enjoyed the taste and said the sponge was moist. They also felt that the Belgian chocolate drops with the golden crunch was nice but it was quite heavy and felt a little was enough.

Tesco Chocolate & Orange SemiFreddo Pudding, £7.00

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A chocolate orange mousse with dark chocolate shavings and a white chocolate sauce. Our team liked the taste and felt there was a good balance between the chocolate and orange which was not overpowering. They felt that the white chocolate ganache topping could have had a little bit more flavour to it but found it tasty.

There you have it, our official taste test for this year’s best Christmas centerpieces. As always all opinions are our own. You can check out the full list of winners here!