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EastEnders Christmas whodunnit 2023 – What we know so far!

EastEnders flash forward to Christmas 2023 and someone is dead – but who could it be and who’s the killer? Here’s everything we know so far…

EastEnders - Sharon, Linda, Denise, Suki, Kathy and Stacey - The Six Christmas 2023
Credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

OK so we’re just getting over the fact that Kat announced she would be putting off marrying Phil until Christmas Day but now in a BBC One soap first, EastEnders teased us a flashforward to what seems to be an epic whodunnit this Christmas.

UPDATE: A brand new trailer has been released for the Christmas day episode and this time it is featuring Stacey Slater who can be seen putting on red lipstick and the words ‘In A Flash…Everything Changes’, does this have something to do with Theo? Is he the person who has been murdered on Christmas day? watch the new trailer below:

UPDATE: In a recent episode, a knight in armour was put into The Vic by George Knight which was highlighted in the Christmas Day episode, so what significants will it have on the festive episode?

UPDATE: It now looks as though it is Kathy who buys the wedding dress that Sharon is wearing at Christmas. There was also another hint that Alfie may be involved as a comment was made about Alfie being a knight in shining armour which we know to be a hint as there is a knight in armour in The Vic in the preview. So what other clues will Eastenders give? We’ll update this page with any new information!

UPDATE: In upcoming episodes, we will see Aflie help Stacey make some money by selling off the wedding dresses that Big Mo sent her. We will see Sharon, Kathy & Linda all at the sale, is Sharon holding the wedding dress she is wearing at Christmas? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Image Credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Fans were shown a very early flashforward scene of ‘The Six’ Denise (Diane Parish), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), Linda (Kellie Bright), Sharon ( Letitia Dean ), Stacey ( Lacey Turner ) and Suki (Balvinder Sopal) faced with a dead body.

As the matriarchs stand in a circle inside a very festive-looking Queen Vic, each is left looking at the dead body. Although nothing much is said, we can see that Kathy’s dress is ripped, Stacey’s hands are covered in blood, Linda has a cut on her lip, Denis is holding a broken glass bottle and Sharon is in a wedding dress has been splattered with blood.

So who is dead?

The most asked question of the year so far in EastEnders! well, as you will already expect fans have speculated that Ravi, Nish, Jack or Dean could be the victim. Before the end of the episode, we see Sharon check for a pulse of the man and declares ‘He’s Dead’ he is dressed in a suit and a pair of smart cufflinks, are we the only ones who are checking the wrists of EastEnders male characters?…

Each of the men has and will have major storylines throughout the year, with Ravi and Denise affair being unravelled, Nish potentially finding out about Suki and Eve’s relationship, and Dean being brought back to the square to a terrified Linda.

More clues? well, executive producer Chris Clenshaw said to RadioTimes: “I’m not going to give anything away that the episode hasn’t already given, but what I will say is there were clues in there. Did you look closely? I urge everyone to re-watch the scene and look at every detail. There are also a few treats in the scene if you look hard enough.”

In true UnderTheChristmasTree “mince-spying” we watched, rewatched and watched all over again every detail and we’ve spotted some clues.

Firstly the trailer says Christmas 2023 which could be a nod to an early Christmas episode, and not on Christmas Day.

Sharon is in a wedding dress, yes this could mean she is getting married or could this be Sharon helping Eve and Stacey out who just received a batch of wedding dresses from Big Mo or could we see Sharon being part of a panto…

Wedding cake and buffet food, could potentially all be part of Kat & Phil’s wedding reception which all of the women are helping to prepare.

Suit or armour in the background – this had us a little stumped but once we really thought, who could the knight in shining armour be? or could this pay homage to ‘The Six’ who are each other Knight in Shining armour?

Lola’s picture on the bar has also been spotted which could mean the very devastating news that her brain tumour will see her pass away before Christmas.

The final scenes also see Linda turn her head from the bar and Sharon look up as though more people could be inside The Vic.

The picture of the six also if you ask us leaves room for a seventh person to be included next to Kathy?…

Although many fingers are pointing to Ravi, Nish and Dean these could also be red herrings, could the person killed even be at the hands of the six, or are they just in the wrong place at the wrong time…we’ll keep you posted with more clues here.

We can’t wait for Christmas on Albert Square this year!