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Get In The Festive Spirit With The Very Merry Christmas Game By Rascals

Christmas is set to get a whole lot more festive as Rascals release the “Very Merry Christmas” Game which will have the entire family engrossed on Christmas morning. We were kindly sent this to review.

Very Merry Christmas Game

Charades will always have a place in our hearts, but this year, we’re looking forward to playing the very festive “Very Merry Christmas Game” by Rascals.  We are certain the game is going to have families all across the UK playing this on Christmas morning as it is so interactive and fun to play.

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Suitable for ages 8+ and for 2-4 players, this is a board game with a festive twist!

Players will be required to pull a cracker, collecting prezzies and even sing a festive song, all whilst avoiding the dreaded Sprout cards as they could have a bad effect.

Very Merry Christmas Game

We sent Elaine and Mandy off to play the game…

Mandy Said:

“First off, I love a good game at Christmas so this was right up my street.  The fact that the whole family can get involved makes this a lot of fun and myself and Elaine had a very productive afternoon of playing, err, sorry, testing, the game. To play the game, you basically need to collect the most lavish gifts from across the board for your festive stocking. There are hurdles along the way (loosing my presents and the dreaded sprouts!) but it was so much fun singing Christmas songs and ‘pulling’ crackers with Elaine using the cracker cards. Elaine won, but I’ve already challenged her to a re-match!”

Elaine said:

“Ahh Christmas! It’s the one time of year where competitiveness knows no bounds. This year, instead of Monopoly and Charades, I’m definitely getting the Very Merry Christmas game out.  Myself and Mandy played the game for research purposes – not fun at all you will imagine – and I won! The game is simple but fun to play. Players roll the dice and follow the board where they are instructed to either pull a cracker (it’s a cracker playing card) or another instruction on the board or cards. Players collect presents along the way and the player with the most lavish gifts at the end, wins. I won and it was a lot of fun listening to Mandy sing Jingle Bells out of tune. We really did have a blast playing this! Roll on Christmas day!”

The game includes:

  • 42 Cracker Cards
  • 32 Present Cards
  • 4 Playing Pieces
  • 2 Dice
  • Gameboard
  • Hat
  • Rules

For more information and to buy this game, click here.

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