Get Your Home Ready For Spring/Summer On A Budget

As winter starts to draw to a close, your ready to throw open the shutters and allow the fresh air and the sunlight into your home.

So why not get your home ready for the Spring/Summer season with floral prints, bright colours and more. Here are just a few ways for you to spruce up your home on a budget for the new season.

Wall Decals

No need for paint or to go out and buy fabric. There are lots of different wall decals available . There’s flowers, birds in flights, and lots more to help change the look of your home. Since spring/summer are on their way how about some yellow colours or blue waves to get that spring/summer feeling.

Flower-Inspired Artwork

Why not take or buy some nice pictures of spring flowers and put them into a picture frame and hang them on your wall. Place them around the room and see as even the darkest of rooms brighten up with the spring/summer pictures.


Add in some white/cream or a pastel colour of your choice of cushions, pillows and throws/blankets to help give you that spring feeling. Changing these for spring/summer colours can really help change the feel of a room.

Curtains & Lampshades

Switch darker curtains and lampshades for pastel tones such as Lilac and watch as your room bursts with that spring/summer feel.

Plastic Flowers

Buying fresh flowers every week can work out quite expensive, so why not go and buy a couple of bunches of plastic flowers. They don’t need watered, they won’t need to be chucked out, you can change them every few weeks and put them away for another time, plus they really brighten up the room.

Hand Towels

Changing your hand towels for a few pastel coloured ones can really change the look for your kitchen and bathroom. Try some green or yellow coloured towels to give these rooms that spring/summer look and feel.

What are your tips for getting you house ready for Spring/Summer on a budget? Comment below and let us know.

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