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How To 1920s Makeup Tutorial

The 1920’s was a hotbed of beautiful makeup looks.  Here, we’re doing a step by step guide on how to get the perfect 1920’s makeup look for Christmas and other special occasions.

You’d be surprised to know (we were!) that there was actually a good amount of makeup and beauty products available in the 20’s.  obviously, not as much as there is today, but we were surprised to know that eyeliner, powder, lipstick, mascara, blush (rouge) and eyeshadows were all available plus in many different shades throughout the twenties.

Take a look at our official YouTube channel to watch a how to tutorial on 1920’s cosmetic look below:

Step by step guide on how to get a 1920’s makeup look:

Step 1: To get the perfect 1920’s makeup look, the first thing we need to do is to get a perfect base.  Most women would use powder to get a matte finish, but of course you can change it up to use a matte foundation if you would prefer such as Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation. There was no concealer back then, but, if you have dark circles or blemishes, you can take care of these by using some concealer.

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Step 2:  Blusher was once called ‘rouge’ and was invariably a red colour.  Most women actually used a little bit of lipstick on their cheeks as their rouge, but those who bought blusher would dab it onto the apples of their cheeks for a rosy, healthy glow.  To get this dewy glow use Sleek rose gold blusher.

You can find Sleek’s Rose Gold busher at Superdrug for £4.49

Step 3:  For the eyes, blue, grey and turquoise were all popular colours. There were no blending or fancy makeup brushes back then, women would simply use their fingers to blend the colour as well as possible.  To top this off, mascara would be painted onto the lashes and some eyeliner would be swept across both the upper eyelid and the lower lashline.  The edges would be blurred ever so slightly to make it look less sharp and bold.

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Eyebrows would be sharp and downwards pointed which were painted on with either a brown or black eyeliner.

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The most glamourous part of the face is the lips for a 1920’s look.  Women would invariably emphasize their ‘cupids bow’ (the arches of the top lip) and fill in the lips with dark red lipstick.  The entire lips would not be covered, the lipstick would be de-emphasized by missing out the corners.

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To top it off, we women always have taken pride in our nails.  In the 20’s, only the middle of the nail would be painted, the top and the ‘half moon’ would be left bare and white – only the center of the nail would be painted, and normally the colour would be red, although we would recommend painting the entire nails today.

You should be all set to do your very own 1920’s makeup look.

Do you have any cosmetic tips and tricks for a themed roaring twenties UK party?  Why not share them below and take part in UnderTheChristmasTree ByGone Christmases.

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