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How To Throw A 1920’s Christmas Cocktail Party

Whether you’re a Flapper or a Dapper, throwing a 1920’s Christmas cocktail party is a lot of fun.  We’ve put together this guide to help you on your way!

To creating your very own personalised themed invites right down to the truely swanky cocktails you should have on your menu, UnderTheChristmasTree has put together a quick and fun “How to have your own 1920s themed party” guide.

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Invitations – You will need guest’s:

Send out your own Christmas party invitations – you could personalise them with pictures of youself and your partner or friends dressed in flapper dresses and a man in dapper style wearing a suit or gangster look, keep it monochrome for a more realistic look. View our example of how to create a roaring twenties invitation below.

Razzle Dazzle you home:

When creating your 1920’s theme party decorate your home with Christmas glitz and glamour. Treat your Christmas tree baubles to a make over by adding some pearls or glitter and place a selection of them on your table as well as on the tree.  String some beads around your tree and your Christmas tree will look every inch of 1920’s perfection.

Turn up the gramophone:

Music and dancing played a big part in 1920’s entertainment, so don’t forget to include a few of the dances of the day, such as the Charleston and Black Bottom to dance the night away at your themed Christmas party. Make sure some music of the day is playing remembering to include some jazz numbers and, if you can, run a black and white christmas film (holiday inn?) on your TV – turn the sound off to make it more like the silent movies that were popular back then.

A little moonshine to was it all down:

Now let’s get to the important stuff – the cocktails themselves! In the 1920’s, saloons and bars were closing down due to increasing license fees, because of this, many people took to hosting their own cocktail parties over the festive season.  Many people sold alcohol illegally to keep the costs down, but there was always plenty of alcohol about!

Most of today’s cocktails actually originated in the 20’s, with champagne cocktails being  the most popular back in the day!

Here’s a recipe for your very own 1920’s Christmas cocktail:

What will you need?

Cranberries, Vodka, Ice, Mint Leaves, Sugar, lime juice

First off you should put some sugar and water into a pan, and throw in the cranberries.  Cook this on a low heat until simmering for around ten minutes or so.  Once the mixture has cooled, strain the mixture and add 10 or so crushed mint leaves to the mixture with a dash of lime juice.

Add some into a glass and top off with soda water and your ‘Christmas Mojito‘ is ready to be served!

What’s on Mrs Patmore’s Buffett?

In terms of food, it would be kept to a finger food buffet with canapes as this would be an evening occasion and meals would have been eaten at home.

Many people served fruit, as it was not so readily available then as it is today, and was considered a luxury in the 1920’s. A popular addition to any cocktail night was chocolate hazelnut strawberries. Packets of quavers and salted peanuts were not popular (Darn it!)

A range of bite sized sandwiches would also be available, to help soak up the ‘moonshine’ they were drinking, and partygoers could look forward to fillings of both seafood or meat.

We have to get all glitzed and glamed!

Christmas cocktail parties in the 1920’s were invariably held by the wealthy and there was no expense spared.  Guests who had been invited to this very hush hush occassion dressed to the nine’s!

The attire for a 1920’s christmas cocktail party is all about the flapper dress which is basically a fringed dress.  Try donning a feather headband and pearls and don’t forget a bold red lip!

For men, it was all about looking ‘dapper’ being dressed in a sharp suit with an evening jacket or waistcoat. Don’t forget to polish your shoes!

There you have it! a fun and easy how to have a 1920s Christmas cocktail party.

If you’d like to share any pictures or send UnderTheChristmasTree any comments about your 1920’s Christmas cocktail party and our bygone Christmases era simply fill in the comments box below.

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