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How To Make A 3D Christmas Snowflake

Find out How To Make A 3D Christmas Snowflake using only paper!

This sparkling snowflake is fun and easy to make and once done its will make a beautiful addition to any home over the festive season.

Making a stunning 3D Christmas snowflake is as easy as Rudolph chomping his way through a bag of carrots, just gather up the right supplies and add a big dose of Merry ment.

All you need is:

  • 6 pieces of plain paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cellotape
  • Stapler

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Watch Mandy from UnderTheChristmasTree showing you how to make the 3D snowflake from scratch with our step by step tutorial on our official YouTube channel below:

Step 1.  Take one piece of paper and fold in half to form a triangle, make sure to create a really good straight edge and cut off the excess paper. Then fold over again to make a smaller triangle, ensuring you make a good egde.

Step 2. Using your scissors, cut four straight lines which reach almost to the top but don’t cut all the way off.  Now you have done this open your paper and you will see all of the cut out shapes.

Step 3.   Start with the small pieces in the middle, fold together to make a sort of circle and cellotape them together. Flip the paper around and stick the next two together, flip back around and keep repeating until each of the slices are done. Repeat this to all of the pieces of paper

Step 4.   Now all of your slices are done and cellotaped, pick up by the edges and make them into a snowflake shape, you then need your stapler to staple them all into the centre – to hold them altogether.

Step 5.  Take each edge of the snowflake and half way down join them together by stapeling them, do this all the way round.

All done!  You now have your very own Christmas 3D Snowflake!

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UnderTheChristmasTree will be doing many more seasonal and festive how to’s including how to decorate this snowflake!

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Have you ever made a xmas 3D snowflake? Tell us your how to’s for Christmas by simply commenting below.

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