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Is Gutterhead The Most X-Rated Board Game Out For Adults This Christmas

Wave goodbye to Monopoly and Charades this Christmas as Gutterhead – the fiendishly filthy party game riddled with profanity is set to top adults wish lists.

Gutterhead Christmas Board Game for Adults
Gutter Games

Suitable for ages 18+, Gutterhead is the despicable but hilarious drawing game for adults only. Containing 240 drawing cards, 4 whiteboards & dry-wipe pens, game board, dice, 4 turd shaped playing pieces and a collection of hilarious drinking rules to take the competition up a notch.


Teams must tap into their wicked minds and compete head-to-head to our draw and out-guess their opponents: one player from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word (i.e. “morning glory”, “human centipede”, “pearl necklace”) while their teammates despritaly try to guess the word before another team.

Gutterhead Cards
Gutter Games

As cost of living goes up more people are choosing to stay at home for boozy game nights in rather than expensive nights out on the town making Gutterhead the perfect party piece to get everyone laughing and slightly cringing at the same time.

We’re pretty sure this will have to come with a “parental advisory” label this year.

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