Lego Lord Of The Rings Orc Forge 9476

Deep in the smoldering fortress of Isengard Saruman has created the Uruk-hai orc army and to lead them is general Lurtz. With Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge 9476 you can help Saruman and his dark army ‘to rid the world of men’. The set features:

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  • 4 minifigures – Lurtz, Uruk-hai and 2 Mordor orcs.
  • 363 construction pieces.
  • Uruk-hai growth pit.
  • Accessories
  • Suitable for age 8 and older
  • Available At Amazon UK

Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge 9476

Use the Uruk hai growing pit to create a huge army that men, elves, dwarfs and more will fear. Pull them one by one out of the ground and hand them weapons which were created by using the winch and smelting pot – Helm’s Deep wont stand a chance when your army is built! Let’s take a closer look at Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge 9476 set.

Based on the scene from the Fellowship of the Rings where Saruman turns Isengard into a circular fortress with a forge below ground, here orc’s sent from Mordor help him build a army called Uruk-hai plus all of their dangerous weapons which they will need when the launch their attack on Helm’s Deep – The Green Dragon with Rosie Cotton is a far-away thought! The Lego 9476 comes with 4 minifigures including the exclusive general Lurtz he is only available to this set.

General Lurtz is just as scary… we mean handsome (we don’t want him getting us!) looking as he is in the movie with statement white paint on his face and around his bright yellow eyes. Lurtz mouth is open displaying very sharp drawn on teeth and his black hair sits back off evil face. You will notice the main body has a drawn on rib cage, stomach and chest he also comes with his Armour shield ,helmet and sword – the only thing we really wanted which is not on this minifigure was the little pony tail at the top of his head but we can forgive lego as he really is one of a kind!

Uruk-Hai who in Sarumans words “were elves once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life. Now… perfected.” figure bears the has the white hand mark of Saruman on his silver helmet which shows only his yellow eyes and teeth! Uruk hai wears his armor but when take off again he also has drawn on parts. Featuring red arms and a brown body – you can see why this orc is stronger than some men and elves!

The Mordor Orcs both reflect just how ugly these creatures are one has pointy ears and hair the other bald. There is printing on each of the mordor orcs to show the clothing they are wearing and they both have Flesh-colored head and hands – Frodo will have his work cut out if he wants to get past these beasts!

The main feature of Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge 9476 is the forge and construction mechanism where you stoke the fire with the LEGO light brick which does actually look like a real fire, wind the winch and even slide the metal down the chute. The LOTR lego the orc forge set has brown, green and light brown bricks for the main body and black for the forge which measures 8″ (21cm) high and 9″ (22cm) wide. Accessories include 3 sets of standard armor, special Isengard Uruk-hai helmet and armor, anvil plus lots more.

Due for arrival and pre order in the UK at the start of August some retailers such as Toy R Us have already put restrictions to 2 per customer as the new LOTR lego are set to be in high demand this Christmas.

Overall we were happy with this set as it will be the only Orc army builder to be released so if you want to build your orcs up this is the perfect set. The only character we thought was missing was Saruman as he is one of the main characters surrounding this scene however we expect we can get him in another set. If you are a fan of LOTR this will be a great addition to your collection.

What’s in the Lego Lord of the Rings 9476 box?

This is what you will receive inside the box;

  • 363 building pieces
  • 4 Minifigures – General Lurtz, Uruk-hai and 2 Mordor orcs
  • accessories

When you receive Orch forge 9476 you will notice the box is blue with the Lord of the rings name in gold on the front with the ring on the right hand corner. On the left hand side of the box you will see the details such as age, how many pieces, and a small picture of the minifigures. The main part of the box shows the scene this set has been based on.

Specification of LOTR Orc Forge Lego

  • Size H26.2, W38, D5.7cm.
  • Weight 582g.
  • For ages 8 years and over.
  • Due date august

Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge Reviews

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