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If you are like us you really want to get your hands on the new Lego Lord of the Rings sets just as much as Gollum does on The One Ring or even as much as Pippin wants his second breakfast! Well finally you can see what sets are available.

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As we predicted there are seven being released at the start of August and are set to be some of this years biggest must have toys for Christmas 2012 – and no wonder! Featuring exclusive and true to movie characters minifigures, accessories such as sting swords, shields and even the one bracelet…we mean ring (it just looks so big for Frodo!)

Just like Gandalf sniff out the set you want below:

We have been waiting for as long as Bilbo Baggins has been traveling (which is a long time!) to have a glimpse of the new Lego Lord of the Rings sets and now finally we can!

Lego will be developing the new Lord of the Rings toys and minifigures which will be based on the characters and scenes from the amazing three LOTR films – The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King which were all directed by Peter Jackson.

These new Lego Lord of the Rings 2012 sets will be released in summer 2012 (some are predicting mid June) and speculation of a new lego LOTR video game have been surfacing too. We are hoping for a huge middle earth set, bag end plus many more. At the moment there are none available yet but as soon as we receive any we will put them here on this page.

Will you re-create the famous scene where Frodo and Gollum fight for the ring or even be Gandalf the Grey himself. Build those bricks up and battle in middle earth!

Lego Lord of the Rings Sets Available:

There have already been rumors of the new Lego Lord of the Rings sets, below are a list of speculated sets. Once we get any lego lord of the rings pictures we will put them here for you to see.

  • Lego Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria
  • Lego Lord of the Rings The Battle of Helms Deep
  • Lego Lord of the Rings The Attack of Weathertop
  • Lego Lord of the rings Uruk Hai Army
  • Lego Lord of the Rings Shelob Attacks
  • Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives

As you can see each minifigure are highly detailed with all the accessories you would expect including Gandalf’s staff, Legolas bow and one of the features we love the most is the detailing on the outfits which have been designed to look like the clothing they wear in the film even the hobbits have their little waistcoats on!

Lets take a look at the Lego minifigures;

Gimli fast on his feet and as sharp as his axe well so he would like to think! has to be one of our favourites with his big wild beard and little pleat you can already tell he’s ready for competition with Legolas to see how many evil orcs he can destroy!.

Legolas Prince of the Elven Kingdom of Mirkwood,  has long blonde hair and even has elf ears. With his weapon of choice the bow and arrow he is swift, graceful, calm and at one with nature – but he does have a friendly competitive side!

Boromir has a very serious look on his face  we suppose so would you be if you were guarding the most powerful ring ever.  Boromir has his sword and shield which he will use to protect himself and others.

As you can see Aragorn  has a stubbly beard,  his cloak and is holding sword, he has been in many battles but still has faith in people. He is willing to go to Mount Doom with Frodo and knows where his loyalties lie.

Gandalf who looks as wise as ever is dressed in his grey wizarding outfit and even has his hat – you can see by the look of his face those Orc’s won’t get passed him! With his magical staff Gandalf will lead the way and will never be lost…but if he does he will just use his nose!

Frodo from Bagend maybe small but carries the biggest burden of his life The Ring, as you can see the frodo minifigure is holding the gold ring, has his cloak on and his expression is one of courage.

Samwise Gamgee – knows about gardening, friendship and can cook up a mean breakfast. As you can see Sam minifigure looks just like the real character, with a worrying expression he tells his best friend frodo “there is something good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

Pippin and Merry – the terrible twosome love nothing more than a glass of Ale – which comes in pints don’t you know and having not just one breakfast but second breakfast, elevensies, luncheons, afternoon tea, dinner & supper – and we think its rude that Aragon doesn’t know this!

The minifigures show exactly what they look like with their cloaks and kind expression on their face.

Fans of Lord of the Rings and Lego are going to love these new kids toys. As soon as we get more updates on these Lego sets (which should be very soon) we will let you know!

These sets are no longer available.

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