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Our handpicked candles you’ll love this Christmas

From the smell of a winter wonderland to a pine Christmas tree, we’ve all got our favourite scents that we love at Christmas. We’ve tried and tested our favourite Christmas scented candles which we were kindly sent.

Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

Christmas Candle Roundup

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Yankee Candle Winter Wonder – £23.99

Yankee Candle Winter Wonder Candle
Image credit: Yankee Candle

Made with pure, natural extracts, Yankee Candle Winter Wonder smells of  winter frost with hints of vanilla.

Mandy from our team said: “I love Yankee Candles and always look forward to the Christmas range. The Winter Wonder scented candle is one of my favourite scented candles so far, it has a mix of sweet vanilla musk but also had a hint of citrus such as lemon and orange. When I lit this the smell filled the whole room but it wasn’t overpowering and the vanilla wasn’t overly sweet smelling and the candle was on for a while but had hardly used any of the wax so I can see this lasting me throughout most of Christmas.”

Yankee Candle Winter Wonder large jar can be bought online for £23.99 here.

Home Fragrance Range Vanilla & Cinnamon Fragranced Candle

Dobbies Cinnamon Candle
Image credit: Dobbies

Vanilla & Cinnamon Fragranced Candle has a double wick and comes in a glass jar which is clear, making this candle really stand out. John from our team said: “I don’t particularly like candles which have strong, overpowering scents so I was a bit hesitant to light this candle as cinnamon can sometimes be so strong, however I have to say this was  subtle and doesn’t have a strong scent to it. The candle does have cinnamon but is balanced up with the vanilla to give a sweet and subtle smell and I really liked the fact that it had a double wick so I could get even more scent and light from the candle.

Home Fragrance Vanilla & Cinnamon Frangranced Candle can be bought from Dobbies here.

Yankee Candle Frosty Gingerbread – £23.99

Yankee Candle Frosted Gingerbread Candle
Image credit: Yankee Candle

Add a touch of warmth and spice to your home with this Frosty Gingerbread candle, which is packed full of Christmas scents such as Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger. Holly from our team said: “I love the smell of gingerbread, so I was really keen to try out this candle. When I first lit this I could instantly smell the gingerbread and cinnamon which are scents I associate with the festive season.

The candle was fairly strong so I didn’t have it lit for a long time as once it was burning I could smell this throughout the house. There was also hints of Vanilla which I thought complimented the gingerbread and Cinnamon well, it basically smelled like an iced gingerbread biscuit, I loved it.”

Yankee Candle Frosty Gingerbread large jar can be bought online for £23.99 here.

John Lewis & Partners Winter Spice Scented Candle – £18

John Lewis & Partners Winter Spice
Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

This festive blend of spicy cinnamon, clove and orange is Christmas in a candle. Elaine from our team said: “When I first lifted the winter spice scented candle out of the box, I was impressed with the candle jar as it was a copper/gold colour and had a thick bottom. The minute this was out of the box I could smell the spicy cinnamon, it was quite strong and I could smell the clove and orange which complimented the cinnamon perfectly. When I lit this candle, it did give off a really nice smell which was quite strong and felt it would be great in a dining room.”

John Lewis & Partners Winter Spice Scented Candle can be bought online for £18 here.

Shearer Candles Amber Noir Pillar Candle

Dobbies Amber Noir

Beautiful scent and extra stylish, this Shearer Candle is a tall black pillar candle which has a 100 hours burn time. Holly from our team said: “When I first saw this candle I was impressed with the jar as it was a black matte colour and had a lovely gold lid which when opened revealed a black candle inside.

When this was lit I could smell violet and amber giving a slightly musk smell to it. I really did love this candle, the scent filled the whole room and I could even smell this as I was going into other rooms. The fact that it also has a 100 hour burn time really impressed me as it meant I wasn’t going to have to go out and buy more, great!.”

Shearer Candles Amber Noir Pillar Candle can be bought online from Dobbies here.

John Lewis & Partners Frosted Spruce Scented Candle – £18

John Lewis & Partners Frosted Spruce
Image Credit: John Lewis & Partners

Simply gorgeous, the John Lewis & Partners Winter Spruce Scented Candle has a great 40 hours of burn time and will leave your room smelling like a Christmas tree. Katy from our team said: “I usually have an artificial tree at Christmas and I do miss the smell that a real spruce tree gives but this candle gave me that scent back.

The candle smells of pine needles and has a hint of black pepper which gives a little spice smell to it. I placed this in my living room and it did literally smell like a real Christmas tree was back in my house, plus the candle jar has a frosted look to it with snowflakes all over which added a real snowy feel, loved it.”

John Lewis & partners Winter Spurce candle can be bought online for £18 here.

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