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Christmas Gift Review 2022: Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner

Whether it’s Christmas decorations, coffee stains or your carpets just need a good deep clean, the Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner will have your carpets and flooring looking brand new in no time! We were kindly sent this to review from AO.com, here’s what Katy from our team thought.

AO.com Rug Doctor
Image credit: AO.com

Katy said: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s muddy shoes, Christmas decorations, spilling wine or coffee or just a lot of use on my carpets and flooring, trying to get these clean can be a nightmare so I was keen to give Doctor Rug Carpet Cleaner a try. First, this came in a big box which when I looked inside, had everything I needed to easily assemble and even had a bottle of Rug Doctor cleaning solution so I could try out the carpet cleaner.

Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner In Box

Assembly was easy, you will need a screwdriver to slot the handle into place which when clicking into place needed forceful shove and then I screwed the screw back into place and wrapped the cord into place, which is a good length. After that, it really was a simple case of filling up the water tank with hot tap water and adding in the cleaner which took me less than a minute to do and it was ready to use.

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Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner Inside Box

There is the deep carpet clean which is the option I used first, I simply moved the option to this and turned on the Rug Doctor and I pressed the ‘Soap & Clean’ which is on the underside of the handle and held this while I pulled it back and forth once each time, and then let it go and went over the same place again to draw out the liquid in the carpet. I could instantly see the difference, there were a few marks on the carpet that I hadn’t been able to get out including a little bit of coffee and the carpet cleaner had removed this.

Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner SetUp

My carpet looked like it did when I first got it and it took very little time to dry. There is also a Quick-Dry option which I could set so I could go over my carpet or flooring to get any excess liquid out so it was drier even quicker. Emptying out the dirty was simple, I unclicked the handle on the front and there is a cap which I unscrewed and simply emptied down the drain and the colour was horrible, it just showed how much dirt the Rug Doctor had managed to get out of my carpet.

Rug Doctor Being Emptied

I’ve still got the flooring option to try but if the deep clean carpet setting is anything to go by, then my flooring is going to look brand new in no time. There is also an attachment to clean upholstery and this goes into the front of the Rug Doctor and has an easy to use cleaner on the front so you can clean your sofa’s etc and again this brought my sofas and chairs back up, I didn’t realise just how much dirt was on these until I use the Rug Doctor! The carpet cleaner itself isn’t too noisy, I would say it’s no louder than any other carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner and it isn’t any heavier than other carpet cleaners.

Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner After Use

Overall, I was very impressed with Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner, it was easy to assemble, quick to use and my flooring looks brand new and I will be using this often to keep my carpets in brilliant condition!”

Rug Doctor Flexclean All in One Floor Cleaner is available to buy online from AO.com for £249.