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Christmas Gift Review: Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser & Dryer

Having a baby and looking to make prep and sterilizing a little easier? Then Tommee Tippe Ultra UV Steriliser & Dryer 3 in 1 is the gadget to help. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what we thought.

Image credit: Tommee Tippee

“For any parent, having handy gadgets to help make things a little easier when you’ve got a newborn is a great help, so we were keen to give the Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser & Dryer a try. The prep machine arrived in a fair big box but it wasn’t overly heavy to lift and had everything we needed to get it set up.

Taking the Tommee Tippee Ultra UV out of its box, we were impressed with how sleek and modern the machine looked. It is a decent size, we would say around the size of a small beauty fridge but would like clean and tidy on any unit.

Before plugging in the UV Steriling machine, we followed the instructions and removed all of the parts from the box, placed the shelves inside, wiped the sterilizer with a damp cloth and then it was ready to begin for its first use.

To use the Tommee Tippee Steriliser, we washed the bottles we wanted to sterilize with some warm soapy water, rinsed them, and drained them.

There are 4 different modes on the Tommee Tippee UV, Sterlise only function, Drying only function, Auto mode, and Storage mode. To begin with we started with the 60 minutes cycle, which to active we pressed twice for this option which gave 25 minutes of drying and 35 minutes of sterilising, there is also the option for a 35-minute cycle which when using this option, just need to press the button once and this will give 25 minutes of drying and 10 minutes sterilising. The machine itself isn’t overly noisy when on any of the modes and it does take a look of hassle out of the prep and can hold up to 6 bottles at a time, so it’s ideal to clean plenty of bottles at one time.

With the storage option, we simply pressed this alongside one of the other functions, the steriliser then emitted 5 minutes of UV light and 5 minutes of drying every 2 hours so that the bottles, etc inside the Tommee Tippee remain sterlized. This function is such a time saver as it meant we didn’t have to worry about going through the whole swashing, dryer, and sterlizing process over and over again and the bottles would be ready whenever we needed them.

There is also the Drying only function which once pressed once, 30 minutes of drying will begin or we could press it twice for 40 minutes of drying and three times for 50 minutes of drying, again this function was really handy.

Overall, we were very impressed with the sleek and modern design, how easy and quick the Tommee Tippee UV Ultra Sterilising Machine was to set up and the functions really helped to prepare the bottles and make sure they were properly sterlized and dried before using, plus having upto 6 bottles not only meant there was always bottles ready to use but also helped store these in one place, a definite must-have for any parent!”

The Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser & Dryer 3 in 1 is currently available for £99 (usually £149.99) from Tommee Tippee and would be the perfect gift for any parent with a little one.