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Christmas Gift Review 2022: Twinkly Generation II 200 Multicoloured LED Dots

Christmas is the time of year when we get to put up lots of lights and decorations, so we were excited to give Twinkly Multicoloured Dots a try when these were sent to us. Here’s what Mandy from our team thought:

Image credit: Twinkly

“I love Christmas, it’s so much fun getting out all of the decorations and lights, so when Twinkly kindly sent us a set of its 200 Multicoloured LED Dots Lights, I was excited to give these a try. I loved the box that these lights came in, it is sleek and modern. Inside the box are the lights, power adapter, power plug and a set of instructions. I simply connected the power adapter and plug together and plug these in and they were ready to use. I used the controller to change the setting so I could have different colours if I wanted to. Each of the settings looked very effective and vibrant but these were not over the top or too bright which I did like. There was red and blue, ice white, multi-coloured so I could choose any setting I wanted, easily with the controller as all I had to do was press the button in the middle of the controller and that changed the lights.

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However, the best part was yet to come as these are not like light ordinary lights, these Twinkly Dots are app-controlled which is a game changer. No more going outside in the cold and wet to turn these on or having to get a timer to get these on, or if these were indoors, I could use the app to turn these on when on my way home. I could simply press a button on my phone and the Twinkly LED Dots were on and I could even use the app to change the settings.

Downloading the app and setting up the app was simple, quick and easy. I scanned the QR code on the instructions and I followed the setup which included connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and these were ready to use.

When putting the Twinkly Dots in place I really liked the fact that these were very pliable and easy to put up, I could put these anywhere and they would look good and didn’t get tangled like traditional lights.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Twinkly Dots 200 Multi-Coloured LED Lights, I loved all of the settings, how easy these were to set up and that they are app-controlled really showed just how modern these are. These lights could be used not just at Christmas but all year round and make Twinkly Dots a very good investment!”

Twinkly Dots are available in a variety of sizes including 400 LED Dots for just £174.99. There are other styles also including curtain lights, square lights and icicles.