ZipIt & Fruitominoes By Banagrams Are The Perfect Travel Games

Bananagrams ZipITZipit in 20 seconds! The new super two player anagram game can be played in just 20 seconds.

The game by Bananagrams includes 24 ivory-like letter cubes in a cloth pouch. There is no pencil, paper or board needed. So when UnderTheChristmasTree received Zipit Game we were excited to give it a try. Holly and Elaine from the office were the two players chosen to go head-to-head in this game.

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The aim of the game was explained to them before battle commenced.  Pick 12 cubes each and use the letters to make a word grid as fast as you can. It was the best out of 10 rounds and whoever got to 10 first was declared Zipit champion.

Once the aim was explained to each player, it was time for the game to commence.  Holly and Elaine picked their cubes and raced to make a word grid as fast as they could, Elaine won the first round, then round two, three and four saw Holly declaring victory for each round, however Elaine seeing that the title was slipping away pulled pack the remaining rounds to be crowned champion.  Keeping track of who won each round was easy as John used the score-tracking travel pouch to keep track.

Bananagrams ZipIt

ZipIt is the perfect game to take while travelling.  You can play this game on an aeroplane or on the train and is suitable for ages 7 years and up.  Storing the game away is simple, as the cubes all get stored back in the cloth pouch.

Banagrams FruitominoesWe all love a game of Dominoes, so why not spice things up and play instead Fruitominoes? Suitable for ages 5 years and up, this game puts a fresh, fruity twist on the classic game.

This time we decided to let Katy and John from the office go head-to-head to battle it out to become the ultimate winner of fruitominoes.

Fruitominoes is available at Amazon UK

The Fruitominoes have fruit images instead of dots, so we turned all of the 28 Fruitominoes upside down and mixed them up and each player picked 14 and then it was game on. Connecting the fruit with the previous Fruitominoes proved to be a challenge for John as he hadn’t picked the Fruitominoes he needed. After playing for quite a while, Katy was declared winner as she had used all of her Fruitominoes!


This game is perfect for kids as using easy to recognise fruit images instead of dots is much more fun for them. Storing away this classic game was simple as it came in a nice, portable fabric pouch, which also made it easy to take on days away, on holiday or just to store away.

Have you played either of these games? Comment below and let us know.

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