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13 things you didn’t know about the Christmas movie ‘Home Alone’

Think you know it all when it comes to the Christmas classic Home Alone? then think again as we share 13 facts that you probably didn’t know here…

The Christmas classic that’s entertained generations.

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Get ready to dive into a world of holiday chaos and hilarity as we embark on a nostalgic journey back to the classic Christmas movie, “Home Alone.” From the iconic scream heard ’round the world to the slapstick antics of the bumbling burglars, Harry and Marv.

So grab some popcorn, gather ’round the cozy fireplace, and prepare for a jolly ride as we share 13 fun facts that you might not have known about “Home Alone”.

Disney - Home Alone - Kevin with popcorn
Image credit: Disney

Although most of us dedicated Christmas fans will already know, “Home Alone” was released in 1990 and was directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes.

The budget will blow your mind as it was estimated that the film grossed over $476 million (around 375 million in UK pounds) worldwide against its $18 million (£14 million) budget, now that’s what we call a profit.

Now you may know Macaulay’s younger brother Kieran Culkin from the hit show Succession BUT did you know that the role of Kevin was actually supposed to be his however Macaulay impressed the filmmakers during auditions and secured the role, and we’re sure that might have made for an awkward Christmas dinner table?…

Disney - Home Alone - Kevin decorating the tree

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“Home Alone” held the record as the highest-grossing live-action comedy film in the United States until 2011, when it was surpassed by “The Hangover Part II.”

The iconic McCallister house, where most of the movie was filmed, is located in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinois, who’s booking the flights to visit now? just us?

John Candy made a cameo appearance in the film as Gus Polinski, the polka band leader, who could forget? but did you know that most of his role was mostly improvised?!

The famous scream scene where Kevin applies aftershave and screams was improvised by Macaulay Culkin, and the crew’s reaction is genuine – genius!

Home Alone - Kevin applying aftershave - Disney

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The concept for “Home Alone” was inspired by a scene in John Hughes’ previous film, “Uncle Buck,” where Macaulay Culkin interrogates a babysitter through the letterbox

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern played the roles of the bumbling burglars, Harry and Marv. Pesci agreed to do the film because he wanted to make a movie that his children could watch.

The movie’s tarantula, named “Aftershock,” was real, but the filmmakers used a mechanical spider for most of the scenes due to the child actors’ safety, who else has a funny feeling most of the cast were probably scared of the spider, we know are.

Disney - Home Alone - Harry and Marv

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“Home Alone” was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Original Score (John Williams) and Best Original Song for “Somewhere in My Memory.”

Now here’s a big shocker, producers wanted Robert De Niro to play Harry!

Kelsey Grammer turned DOWN the role of Uncle Frank, we’re pretty sure he’s now saying “Look what you did you little jerk”…

Disney - Home Alone - Kevin screaming

“Home Alone” continues to charm and captivate audiences around the world, even decades after its initial release. Its timeless story of a young boy’s resilience, resourcefulness, and the importance of family during the holiday season resonates with viewers of all generations.

From Macaulay Culkin’s memorable performance as Kevin McCallister to the uproarious antics of the burglars Harry and Marv, this Christmas classic has become an integral part of holiday traditions for many. Whether it’s the heartwarming moments, the hilarious slapstick comedy, or the enduring message of love and togetherness, “Home Alone” has secured its place as a timeless treasure in the world of cinema.

So, gather your loved ones, embrace the spirit of the season, and let the laughter and joy of “Home Alone” fill your home this Christmas.

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