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5 Fun Tips for packing away your Christmas Decorations

We know that taking your Christmas decorations down can be such a hassle especially at it marks the end of the festivities however we’ve searched for the best packing tips from across the net.

Storage boxes
Image credit: Pixabay

1. Do not schedule anything else for that day! Get the coffee in, put the phone on the answer machine and take the full day to get everything down and away.

2. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Head straight to Wilko or somewhere you can purchase large storage boxes and be prepared early.

3. Pack each room’s decoration together. It’s likely you will be putting up the same decorations in the same room next year so make it easier on yourself and mark a box to each specific room.

4. Keep all the empty sweet tubs. These make perfect storage solution for outdoor/indoor lights.

5. Hold on to all the excess bubble wrap and snow blankets. These are ideal for wrapping around fragile ornaments and decorations.

Next up will be the big Spring clean!

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